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December 2, 2012
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“Hurry up! We’re going to be late for the plane!” your friend cried. You picked up your stuff and headed over to her. “Alright! I’m coming!” you cried as you got in. You set your bags where that lady at the counter told you to as you took a seat next to (Friend Name).

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we’re going to England! Just the two of us!!!” she cried, happily. You smiled. “What should we do when we get there? It’s like an 8 hour flight ‘till we land or so.” you replied. So long but so worth it.

“Ummm.... let’s visit Big Ben!” she responded. You nodded. “Yeah and then we could take pictures and eat somewhere!” you cheered.

“Yeah that sounds so cool!” she cried.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Time Skip!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"Oh thank god I can't believe we made it!" (Friend Name) cried. You smiled. England sure was nice, all the sights to see around here! "Man this place is huge!" you awed. You walked around with (Friend Name) taking pictures of the sights with your phone. "Mom's gonna flip at these pics!" you cried.

"Haha! I know right so is my mom!" (Friend Name) cheered. "Let's see what is in the marketplace!" she suggested. "Sure, let's go on ahead!" you say as you followed her along the array of merchents down the streets.

"Fresh Apples for sale!"

"Buy scones get 'em while they're hot!"

"Curry! Curry buns for sale!!"

"Wow there sure is alot of things here." you say. "Yeah, that's for sure." she said. "Maybe if we walk around we could fine something nice to bring back home." you continues as you walked down the pathway. There was not a clould in sight and the weather was quite lovely. The sun wasn't in your face either! What a beautiful day it is today.

"Oh (Name) LOOK! THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL..." cried (Frend Name) as she pointed to a nearby stand. "Look at the pretty jewlery it's so beautifulllllllll!" she swooned.

“Oh it is pretty beautiful. Hey Lady, how much for this pretty diamond necklace?” you ask the lady as you eyed a diamond necklace with a heart shaped pendant.

“15 pounds.” she answere.d.

“Um How much is 15 pounds...” you whispered to (Friend Name).

“Uh...about 24.03 dollars.”

“I think that’s cheap right....”

“I would think....”

You handed the lady 20 dollars, it was a good thing she took the money and didn’t ask for pounds, because you didn’t convert your money when you got off the plane.

“Thank you come again!” she said as you put the necklace on and walked away.

“So what should we do today (Name)?” asked (Friend Name). You shrugged. “I’m not sure, want to just walk somewhere or something?” you asked.  “Yeah, let’s go see some sights and stuff.” she replied.

You two began walking. You passed by all the shops and streets in England. And indeed, it was rather beautiful.

“Watch where you’re going, ush!” you heard a cry as you felt someone smack into you. You fell to the ground as you looked up. You saw a boy about older than you were. He was blonde and he had blue eyes. He was wearing a purple coat, and a green vest with.......booty shorts!? What the fuck?! And what is up with his shoes are those girl boots?! They look like something you would wear......ew.

“Um sorry.” you say to him.

“You should be!” he scoffed. He began walking. There was also some man with him, in a black suit. He was also wearing glasses and strange yellow eyes. He held out his hand to you and helped you up. “You must forgive my master.” he said as he walked with him..

“Are you okay that guy was rude.” (Friend Name) asked as she stared at Alois. “I know.” you mumbled. You looked at him for a moment., “WAIT YOU WITH THE WEIRD OUTFIT!!” you yelled at the blonde. He turned around. “What do you want know!?” he asked agitated. You looked at his shorts. “What person wears shorts that short!? And your boots are way too girlish. Are you gay?” you asked.

“I AM NOT GAY! And everyone wears shorts like this, DUH!!!” he cried. You shaked your head, “No one wears shorts like that.” you mumbled. He looked really pissed off now. “Y-Yeah huh!!!” he cried as he pulled out what seemed to be another pair of shorts. “Claude, put these on!!!” he cried to the man.

“Do I have to master...” he mumbled.

“YES!” he cried. “Strip down and wear these to prove her wrong!” he cried.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” (Friend Name) said. “I think I am about to die of laughter if he does it.”
You nod. “Dude he is one crazy odd kid.” you whisper. (Friend Name) nodded.

“....*sigh*, Yes master...” he sighed as he began to take his pants off. He grabbed the shorts from the boy and began to put them on.

“Oh god he know’s we’re in public right?” (Friend Name) mumbles. “I know....but....they look way too tight on him...” you mumble..

“See? Everyone wears them.” the boy cried. The man looked like he was about to kill him, “Yes......” he mumbles. “Come on Claude let’s go~!” he giggled as he skipped off. The man known as Claude seemed like he wasn’t changing back into his pant’s anytime soon.

“Does that guy know those shorts make his butt look huge?” (Friend Name) asked.

“Shh...he’s looking at us.....” you mumbled.

As Claude and the boy walked away, you began on your way with (Friend Name) to see the sights like you’d hoped, but whatever was for sure, that boy was weird.
OH GOD LONG TITLE IS LONG. IT WON'T FIT TT^TT Oh wells! This is that shit I've been working on for a couple days XD


Comment please and enjoy!

Image (c) :iconkuro-mai: [link]
(Sorry about that.)


P.S: Want to bug Claude about his shorts? Check out my new ask-account for Alois and Claude! :iconaskaloisandclaude:
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